Pro Fit Rehab

Exercise based rehabilitation programs have been identified as the single most effective tool in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and prevention of long term disability.

Pro Fit Rehab facilitates return to work and functional capacity services to our valued clients nationally. Patients who have been injured at work or accident, so that they may return to safe, durable and timely return to normal activities.
Pro Fit Rehab consultants are specialists in providing exercise based strength and conditioning programs to patients who have sustained a musculoskeletal injury. All our Treating Therapists work 1:1 with their clients to ensure that a positive and productive relationship is maintained through the treatment period.
Pro Fit Rehab

How our services can assist you

We cater our services to a wide range of organisations and individuals including the following:

Scheme Agents

Scheme Agents

Assistance with effective claims management to reduce claim spend and deliver timely and sustainable return to work or daily activity outcomes

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

Implementation of evidence based treatment modality to assist with Patient care.

Rehab Providers

Rehab Providers

A treatment provider that assists with and provides regular communication on patient upgrades and outcomes.………………………………….



Facilitate upgrades to promote safe, durable and early return to work outcomes.………………………………….



Focus on successful recovery and long term self-management in an easily accessible program location.



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Our Products

Listed below are the products – programmes, training and assessments

An Initial Assessment is a face to face consultation between our tertiary qualified Exercise Physiologist and the injured person and consists of both verbal and functional assessment components.

Gym based programmes are conducted by our trained and experienced treating therapists to facilitate improvements in clients functional capacity, recovery and quality of life.

Hydrotherapy is a pool-based treatment form which aims to manage and improve physical ailments. The non-weight bearing activity performed during hydrotherapy is a primary factor in aiding specific patient’s injury rehabilitation.

Home based programs are independent/ unsupervised programs prescribed by our Exercise Physiologists to guide patients through an individualised regime.

Workplace visits are a physical inspection of an injured worker’s work environment which assists our Exercise Physiologist to tailor their programs to suit the specific requirements of each job role.

Medical Case Conferences organised by the EP can be used to clarify prognosis and treatment timeframes, address claims related barriers and obtain upgrades in capacity.

Manual handling training involves an onsite educational visit to teach employees how to safely assess, plan and perform safe manual handling tasks.

Pro Fit Rehab’s Onsite Physiotherapy service means that our experienced Physiotherapists provide immediate physical healthcare, treatment and rehabilitation, specific to the needs of your business and when you need it.

The ‘Stretch It Out’ Program is a dynamic, integrated program incorporating On-Site stretching procedures for employees before, during and after work.

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