We manage injuries sustained using the following products:

Our Exercise Assessments involve a face to face consultation with one of our tertiary qualified Exercise Physiologists and consists of both a verbal and functional testing component. The purpose of this consultation is to screening and assess suitability for participation in Exercise Physiology treatment.

An initial assessment may include history taking, physical (functional) assessment, bio-psycho-social assessment, goal setting, treatment discussion and liaison with other involved stakeholders i.e. rehabilitation consultant, insurer, NTD etc.

An Exercise Assessment would be suitable for clients:

  • who are potential candidates to commence an exercise-based conditioning programme
  • who have exhausted or plateaued in current passive treatment modalities
  • who have shown minimal to no functional progress in their return to work or activities of daily living capacity

An Exercise Assessment can also be used to assist in the management of claims when there is a lack of progress or where there is insufficient information to explain a delay in the return to pre-injury capacity.

This one off assessment can provide helpful objective data to facilitate reasonable functional upgrades and a safe and durable return to activities of daily life.


Relevant Service: Workers Compensation | Compulsory Third Party | Life Insurance | Private Health Insurance | Medicare/DVA

Gym Based Programmes are conducted by our trained and experienced treating therapists to facilitate graded improvements in our clients’ functional capacity, recovery and quality of life.  Each programme is individually tailored to the needs of the client and can typically include the provision of a two or three month gym membership. This access to the facility allows the client to attend both supervised and unsupervised treatment sessions and clients are educated about exercise guidelines to actively participate in the self-management of their condition.

Our individually tailored treatment plans are designed to meet specific return to work or functional goals such as increasing lifting capacity or improving pain-free range of motion. Gym Based Programs assist with gradual progression back to work and can also provide an alternative pathway to maintain work conditioning for injured people when their employers are unable to accommodate for suitable duties based on their medical restrictions.

A referral is recommended when injured persons require safe upgrades in their medical restrictions to bridge the gap between current capacity and requirements of daily life. The suitability for a gym based program is determined following an Initial Assessment to ensure safe participation.

Relevant Service: Workers Compensation | Compulsory Third Party | NDIS | Life Insurance | Private Health Insurance | Medicare/DVA

Hydrotherapy is a pool-based treatment modality which provides a buoyant effect to decrease stresses on joints and therefore improve the client’s tolerance to exercise whilst completing non-weight bearing movements. Increased temperature and hydrostatic pressure also promote increases in circulation, flexibility and decreases in swelling.

Our Hydrotherapy Programmes are suitable for clients who require strengthening treatment however non-weight bearing exercises are indicated. Suitable patients may include those:

  • who are looking to progress to land-based therapy
  • who have difficulty in weight-bearing activities i.e. walking, bending, squatting
  • with high pain levels
  • with limited muscular strength or ongoing restrictions in active range of movement.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy Treatment include:

  • Non weight bearing exercise
  • Relief from pain, swelling and stiffness
  • Promotion of relaxation
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Muscle strengthening, maintenance & restoration
  • Increase in range of motion of affected joints
  • Improved blood circulation

Our Hydrotherapy Programmes are suitable for patients who are currently unable to engage in a gym-based strengthening programme. The primary goal for pool based treatment is to progress to a land-based setting as this is more functionally specific to activities of daily living.


Relevant Service: Workers Compensation | Compulsory Third Party | NDIS | Life Insurance | Private Health Insurance | Medicare/DVA

Home Based Programmes are independent/unsupervised exercise treatment plans prescribed by our Accredited Exercise Physiologists to guide patients through an individualised regime. The aim is to ensure consistency of independent treatment that is not solely dependent on direct supervision.

Home based programs benefit clients as they are able to perform prescribed exercises in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Clients do not necessarily require exercise equipment to manage their condition and as such, a home based program is beneficial in situations where they have driving restrictions, have limited exercise facilities within their vicinity or are time poor due to other commitments.

Alternatively, it can serve as end stage rehabilitation once their supervised hydrotherapy or gym program ceases. This empowers the client to exercise independently to manage their condition and continue to make improvements in their functional capacity without supervision.


Relevant Service: Workers Compensation | Compulsory Third Party | NDIS | Life Insurance | Private Health Insurance | Medicare/DVA

Workplace visits are a physical inspection of an injured worker’s work environment which is conducted by our Exercise Physiologists. The assessor may meet with the workplace organisation’s employer representative – managers, supervisors and Return to Work Coordinators to review the injured worker in their work station/area.

The aim is to facilitate a durable and sustainable return to work with a focus placed on the proper transfer of safe manual handling principles into the workplace, which they have been educated on during the Gym Based Programs.

Workplace visits are usually an end stage rehabilitation option for patients who are close to reaching their return to work goal of Pre-Injury Duties however require further reinforcement of safe work practices. This provides reassurance to all parties regarding work readiness and allows the therapist to address any concerns or barriers to better prepare the worker when they resume their pre-injury duties.

During the visit, the assessor is able to provide immediate feedback regarding the implementation of safe manual handling practices, positive pain coping strategies and also provide preventative/corrective measures to reduce the risk of injury aggravations.


Relevant Service: Workers Compensation | Employer Direct

A medical case conference refers to a meeting between one of our AEP’s, the client and the Nominated Treating Doctor. It can be conducted in person or other means such as a video or telephone call.

The aim of a medical case conference is to align expectations and discuss the client’s case in order to progress their recovery. Topics covered may include:

  • Clarifying prognosis, diagnosis and timeframes
  • Discussing progress and obtaining an updated certificate of capacity
  • Addressing barriers for progression
  • Obtaining further clinical opinion on reasonably necessary treatment

A medical case conference is commonly required in both Workers’ Compensation and Compulsory Third Party (CTP) cases when there is little to no progress shown or to resolve disputes regarding the client’s injury treatment plan. These cases may include claimants who:

  • have unresponsive Medical Practitioners to fax / telephone
  • are not demonstrating reasonable, functional improvements in capacity
  • are uncooperative to treatment or are unsure about their injury management plan

 A face to face meeting with stakeholders is an effective way to swiftly address immediate concerns pertaining to a claim. These consultations with both the client and the treating doctor allows for complete transparency between all parties to ensure all barriers are being addressed and appropriate measures are being considered throughout the return to work process. It promotes a timely response to unexpected issues and also assures the patient that progress is being made in their recovery.


Relevant Service: Workers Compensation | Compulsory Third Party 

Manual Handling Training (MHT) involves an onsite educational visit to teach employees how to safely assess, plan and perform safe manual handling tasks. Our professional and knowledgeable Exercise Physiologists conduct training in small groups with an aim to promote an injury free workplace by increasing awareness of potential risks associated with poor manual handling.

MHT can be tailored to various work industries ranging from office workers, health care workers, mining/construction, and retail/warehouse. Any business that requires their employees to lift, move, push, pull, carry, hold or restrain objects in their workplace will highly benefit from this service.

The main focus of MHT is to educate employers and their employees about the risk of injury involved in the workplace and how safe manual handling techniques can reduce the prevalence and severity of work-related injuries. Providing up to date manual handling training to staff provides:

  • Confidence regarding safe work practices and postures
  • Improves productivity and efficiency
  • Decreases insurance claims costs and lost time injury (LTI)
  • Helps identify manual handling risks and concerns in the workplace

It is recommended for most businesses to undergo yearly training with their staff members. MHT can also be implemented as frequently as every 3-4 months, particularly for larger companies or businesses involving casual employees or contractors.


Relevant Service: Employer Direct

The ‘Stretch It Out’ Program is a dynamic, integrated program incorporating On-Site stretching procedures for employees before, during and after work.

The ‘Stretch It Out’ Program is suitable for all types of businesses hoping to foster a culture of injury prevention, safety and general wellbeing. Whether you are a small, medium or large company, or whether you are in manufacturing, labour or transport industry, ‘Stretch it Out’ will assist your employees work more effectively, efficiently and safely!

The ‘Stretch It Out’ Program is designed to:

  • Educate employees about the importance of incorporating a stretching program into their work routine.
  • Education on common injuries which occur within the workplace setting.
  • Education on manual handling techniques, core stability and benefits of stretches.
  • Provide the workers with a stretching program, specially tailored to the various job-descriptions at the workplace Setting (i.e. pickers, forklift drivers, administration officers etc.)
  • Allow workers to engage directly with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist for feedback.
  • Reduce the risk of workplace injury and Workers Compensation claims.

 If you find that your employees are prone to preventative injury due to a lack of education or health initiative, the ‘Stretch It Out’ Program is right for you. We have a range of options to offer from our weekly group consultations to our six month group education workshops. Please contact us to find out how our individualised approach can assist your team stay fit for work.


Relevant Service: Employer Direct

We come to you! Pro Fit Rehab’s Onsite Physiotherapy service means that our experienced Physiotherapists provide immediate physical healthcare, treatment and rehabilitation, specific to the needs of your business and when you need it.

Muscle aches, sprains and strains, if left untreated, may cause unwarranted injury claims, lost time and decreased productivity. The Pro Fit Rehab Onsite Physiotherapy model promotes early intervention strategies to ensure workers are kept safe at work whilst minimising potentially significant cost to the company.

Pro Fit Rehab’s pro-active approach to both work related and non-work related injury management, injury prevention and general health and wellbeing aims to decrease the impact of these conditions to both the organisation and the employee.

Onsite Physiotherapy is a practical and effective tool for all types of Employers. Whether you are in the manufacturing, construction, logistics or transport industry, PFR Onsite Physiotherapy can tailor a service specific to your wants and needs to ensure your employees remain confident to complete the job safely.

The benefits of Onsite Physio include:

  • Minimising Loss of Time with relation to workplace injuries
  • Providing clients with education about stretches and exercises for injury prevention
  • Educating the workers to detect early musculoskeletal signs or symptoms.
  • Promoting quality early intervention strategies to minimise Workers Compensation costs and lodged claims
  • Supporting workers within the workplace setting

It is recommended for all Employers to consider utilising our PFR Onsite Physiotherapy service on a regular basis. If you would like more information on how we can assist your business, please contact us for a free initial assessment.

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