We make your recovery our priority!

The PACE (Physical Activity and Cognitive Empowerment) Program has been developed with YOU in mind, based on a module delivery strategy that is specifically tailored to YOUR NEEDS ... because we understand that matters of the mind present unique challenges.

Increase esteem

Improve mood

Increase energy

Improve sleep

Develop Purpose

Regain control

We make your recovery our reality


The PACE program is backed by a proven, evidence based approach and delivered in a unique and positive environment.

You will receive new ways to improve your overall wellbeing that set you up for ongoing and future success.

We are very focused on ensuring that our program is available to you in the format that is best for your current situation which is why we offer the program in multiple ways including:

On site: we provide your program to you in a COVID safe environment.

Online: we have tailored our program to suit the current environment and make it available to anyone wherever they may be,

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We help you to achieve

  • A sense of purpose 
  • Improved body image 
  • Increased self satisfaction 
  • Improved coping mechanisms 
  • A greater sense of control
3387-min (Demo)

The benefits include

  • Improvement in your mood
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Improvement in your quality of sleep
  • Implementation of routine and structure

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What can you expect on your journey with us?

You start with an initial meet and greet with our tertiary qualified and accredited Exercise Physiologist so that we can get an understanding of where you are.

This is followed by a meeting with you and your Doctor to discuss the plan and ensure that it is tailored to your needs.

We can then commence your tailored program.

  • Supported coaching and mentoring
  • 1 on 1 tailored approach
  • A real understanding of what you need
  •  Solutions to ensure your recovery

"If exercise could be packed in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation."

Ready to take the next step for your mental health?

Our team will make sure that you are supported in your own unique situation. We are here to ensure you are supported throughout the claims process as we help with our best practice continuous improvement and psychological injury claim management.

What our customers say



“My treatment happened during the lockdown and a global pandemic and the service I received was world class – Thank you so much for everything you have done!”



I am 50 this year and going to the gym for my anxiety didn’t make sense. I am so glad I agreed to participate in the program. The education, life tips and general know how of these guys is just amazing. For all who doubt it,  just try it –  will change your life.



“I was looking for some direction and guidance and the PACE program was great. The staff and the way the program was delivered was such a great help. Its given me the information and tools to continue my journey.”

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